Friday, 20 June 2014 00:00

Many people these days are struggling to sell their homes due to the poor state of the mortgage and property markets since the financial crisis that swept the country. That’s why so many are now opting to improve their homes and ‘ride out the storm’ in the hope that their property value will increase once again and they can sell for a higher price in the future. A clever move indeed! And one particularly popular project is to have a new bathroom installed, which can increase the value of your home. It has been reported that a new bathroom can add up to 5% onto the value of your home so why wait, start looking for a plumber in your area who can help.

One concern for many is how they can afford to fund a new bathroom in their home. If you have a decent amount of equity in your property, you could apply for a remortgage and get a ‘further advance’, which is essentially borrowing additional funds against the value of your home. This would allow you to pay for the plumbers to come in a fit a new bathroom without having to save up – after all, it is an investment.

You could opt to have that huge corner Jacuzzi bath that you’ve always dreamt of, or get a new suite with a separate bath and shower for a little bit of extra luxury. Got carpet that keeps getting damp and smelly? Then why not consider having tiles put in? You can always put a mat down that can be washed then to keep the room looking and smelling elegant. There are hundreds of homes in the UK that have dated bathrooms and getting a new more modern bathroom fitted can really enhance your living as well as adding thousands onto the value of your property.

There are many bathroom fitting services now offered by plumbing firms that will include everything from start to finish including new bathroom suites and the plumbing work, tiles on the floors and walls, modern and stylish lighting, new shower installations and even mirrored walls! You can also get an ensuite bathroom put in or even a wet room if you have the space as this too could add value to your property and doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. We’d recommend contacting various local plumbing firms to do the work, as there are many companies who can fit a bathroom but who are not qualified to attach the plumbing to the new suite.

In order to choose the right plumbers for you for the job, it is best to try and find a local company who are well established and have qualified and experienced plumbers available to do the work for you. The last thing that you want is to pay for a new bathroom only to find that it falls apart after a year or to find that you have a problem and your insurance company don’t approve the claim because of the plumbing firm that you used, so also try and opt for an insurance approved firm.

About the author: Paul Brown is a plumber who can help with boiler repairs in Nottingham. Why not check out Bridgewater College to see what plumbing courses are available.

Thursday, 29 May 2014 00:00

The expansion will see an addition of 4,300 hotels rooms over the next three years, state news agency WAM reported.

Dubai-based hotel operator Jumeirah Group will invest Dhs8 billion ($2.19 billion) to expand projects in 11 countries over the next three years, the official state news agency WAM reported on Friday.

The group is part of Dubai Holding, a conglomerate owned by the emirate’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

The expansion will see an addition of 4,300 hotels rooms over the next three years, WAM said.

The agency cited Sheikh Mohammed saying that hospitality and aviation companies were the “success story” of the UAE.

“These companies bear greater responsibility compared to the government when it comes to representation of our national economy and boosting confidence in UAE investments in all sectors,” said Sheikh Mohammed.

Dubai Holding is the personal investment arm of Sheikh Mohammed and has a portfolio of companies focused on hospitality, real estate, telecommunications, investments and other services.